Your First Travel Abroad Packing Checklist

Your first travel abroad for an island vacation needs to be well prepared to guarantee you the success. Apart from your choice of island for your travel destination you need to prepare a number of things.

Some are essential for your safe travel. Other items and things to remember might just help you to get the most out of your first travel abroad.

But first – do not forget the packing checklist:

Print and keep the packing checklist and bring it with you to the island – check off the list at home to remember everything. Use it again when your stay abroad is coming to an end and you prepare for leaving the island. This is my best island vacation tips today.

___ Travel tickets

___ Passport – and valid in long time enough

___ Photocopies of your passport as backup and kept separately

___ Travel payment documentation

___ Hotel vouchers or the like

___ Local money for the island and may be transition countries

___ Some back up money in your own currency

___ Visa or other needed admission document to the country of the island

___ Needed vaccinations and proper documentation

___ Travel insurance – make sure it covers all risks of health hazards

___ A hard suitcase with code lock or other save lock

___ Leave your itinerary and information about addresses where you stay at the island to people you trust (family or a friend)

___ Bring your driving license – an international diving license if you expect to drive on the island

___ List of phone numbers and addresses on paper – your mobile phone list isn’t enough if you loose it.

___ List of phone numbers for reporting problems with your credit cards on your travel

___ Your prescription medicine

___ Medicine to prevent seasickness or the like

___ Some emergency medicine and tools if you get problems with your stomach or infections.

___ List of addresses you want to send postcards from the island for friends and family

___ List of emails you might need during your island vacation

___ Insect repellent

___ Sun lotion to prevent sunburn – often a big problem during an island vacation.

___ Cloths for the relevant kinds of weather conditions – often a big difference of the temperature from midday to late night on an island.

___ Equipment and cloths for the different kinds of activities you expect to take part in: swimming, going to the beach, snorkeling, running, partying etc..

___ A notebook – you will often like to make some notes of people you meet during vacation etc.