Mexico Destinations For Medical Travel Abroad

Thousands of health travelers cross the southern border each year for a wide variety of medical procedures. They are able to take full advantage of the excellent quality of care that Mexico medical travel provides, while also enjoying the discounts that come with traveling abroad for various procedures. Yet only the savviest health travelers realize that there are some medical travel destinations that have specialties, and may offer more specific discounts. With the proper research, health travelers can discover the best location within the country for weight loss surgery in Mexico, or any other procedure.

Weight Loss Surgery in Mexico

Although health travelers will find that almost all medical travel destinations offer weight loss surgery, Mexico surgeons tend to recommend Tijuana for this particular type of procedure. The hospitals in Tijuana are very good and many of them have been built with an emphasis on providing for clients from out of the country. Most hospitals providing weight loss surgery in Mexico here are also very well equipped, allowing patients to have access to everything they might need during the surgery and recovery.

One additional strong point of hospitals in Tijuana is the emphasis they tend to place on value and care of the health traveler. Most hospitals there tend to give quotes upfront for weight loss surgery in Mexico and avoid adding extra charges if possible. In addition, good local hospitals will offer accommodations for one guest to accompany the patient during his or her medical travel. If the health traveler picks a good hospital, it is very likely that he or she will be able to have the guest stay within the building. Tijuana is also interesting for those who want to explore a city and have fun before their actual procedure. There are many classic attractions to see, including bull fighting and more. Shopping, sightseeing and annual special events all draw visitors to the city and often, surgery is just an added benefit.

Mexico Medical Travel Destinations

Although Tijuana is certainly notable for weight loss surgery, it is also a very prominent location for many other types of procedures. The quality of hospital in the area is generally excellent, making it a very compelling place for anyone seeking good care at reasonable prices. However, there are also other locations that draw people for Mexico medical travel. Other than Tijuana, the most popular cities are Mexicali, Monterrey, and Puerto Vallarta.

Travel To Mexicali

Mexicali is most notable for the completeness of services available there. More than most other Mexico medical travel destinations, Mexicali offers the ability to go from a general practitioner’s office to a specialist without leaving the city. There is an incredibly wide variety of health practices operating there, including facilities providing weight loss surgery in Mexico and more. There are a large number of hospitals and offices in Mexicali, offering both public and private health care.

In addition, Mexicali offers a unique cultural attraction: Chinesca, or Mexicali’s Chinatown. Many travelers enjoy arriving in Mexicali several days before their scheduled procedures to visit this rare enclave of Chinese culture within another country, providing an amazing contrast between American Chinatowns and those abroad.

Specialized Care In Monterrey

Monterrey is remarkable for its close proximity to southern Texas. It is only a 90-minute flight out of Dallas, making it easy to reach for anyone within the greater Texas area. There are hospitals here offering the full complement of services for medical travel, and the city features some of the best-equipped hospitals in the area. Monterrey tends to be a place where medical technology is updated quickly, and the surgeons and nurses train frequently to ensure that they are always up to date.

Monterrey is also a major business center, leading it to develop as a major cultural center as well. There are many attractions here that draw medical travelers, including museums, theatres, restaurants and more. Museums can be a great choice for anyone expected to undergo a stressful surgery, as visiting them does not generally place large amounts of stress on the body.

A Vacation And Surgery In Puerto Vallarta

Mexico medical travelers often choose to combine a procedure with a restful getaway in Puerto Vallarta. This location was originally known only as a getaway spot, and for many Americans that is what it remains. The city is absolutely beautiful, located on the coast with plenty of beach and sun to go around. There are many wonderful resorts that cater to a variety of tastes, from the exclusive to the family.

Because of the potential to combine treatment with a vacation, Puerto Vallarta tends to offer cosmetic surgery more than weight loss surgery. However, there are excellent hospitals for most any procedure in the immediate Puerto Vallarta area. Cosmetic surgery is simply one of the most convenient because it has some of the fastest healing times with the highest mobility, allowing vacationers to enjoy themselves more. In fact, many individuals who have cosmetic surgery in Puerto Vallarta are able to be up and walking around the city’s famous Malecon boardwalk within a few days, enjoying the sunshine and vacationing. Even those who are less mobile can enjoy the local art galleries and other less stressful attractions.

Choosing The Right Location

Although each city has its specialty, if health travelers choose wisely, they are not likely to encounter substandard hospitals or unskilled practitioners, no matter where they go for their procedure. For many, the most important feature determining where they go for Mexico medical travel will be which location is most convenient to their US residence. With weight loss surgery available throughout the country, it is usually easy to pair each individual with a hospital in a convenient location.