How to Get the Tibet Travel Permit

It is stipulated that all non-Chinese passport holders and Taiwanese must obtain a Tibet travel permit for entering Tibet. It is sometimes also called Tibet Entry Permit, TTB Permit or Tibet visa. Tibet Tourism Bureau (TTB) is the only legal issuing organization. Individual travelers shall travel Tibet in an organized private or join-in tour with a travel agency that shall take care of the permit issue for the group.

There are two pages for the permit. The first page is the approval letter from the Tibet Tourism Bureau with an unique number and anti-false label at the top right and the second is the group name list. Both pages shall be stamped by the Bureau.

When applying for the permit, it is required to provide the day-to-day tour itinerary, travel dates, hotel reservations, tourists’ personal data including. name, nationality, age, gender, passport number and occupation as well as a clear copy of passports and China Visas. Please note journalists, reporters, government officials, diplomats and religious officials shall travel Tibet under arrangements of the local foreign affairs office.

This permit is only for entering Tibet and travelling in Lhasa region. When check-in-out at the train stations and airports, you shall show it to relevant staff, and upon arrival in Lhasa, give it to your tour guide who will help you cater for any inspections during travelling.

If you travel other to places outside Lhasa, an Aliens’ Travel Permit and some other permits such as military permit will be required which your travel agency shall handle for you accordingly.