Do You Love Travelling?

Do you love travelling? Do you have a passion to travel? Do you have several destinations in “to-go” list? Well if this is the case, then stick around because I have something of your interest to share with you.

Travelling is something that we all do, but only a few of us love travelling. Others are sick of it. They do not enjoy travelling rather they try to reach their destination quickly. Since I am a traveler, I love travelling, so I am writing this specific article for all the travelers out there.

Must for travel

Here is a list of a few very important as well as major things that you will need to maintain or you must do before going to a place for the very first time. I mean, these are the tips for travelers.

1- Maintain a diary where you must write all the important things, places, dates, places where you have been, interesting facts and figures, findings, unusual visits and everything that is related to traveling. Although this is not important, but I recommend you must keep a diary with you when you move. Just note down all the important things during your visits. Why I am saying you to maintain a diary? Because I have been to several different countries, and now when I look back. I remember too little. I have too little to share with others. The memories are fading away. Do not let this happen to you. Your diary will help you to remind and refresh all those healthy moments a few years later.

2- Join a few online travel communities. Make friends having the same hobby. Stay in touch with your travelling buddies. Keep sending them travel gifts. This will help you a lot. If you will stay connected to your friends, communities and people having same hobby, you will learn a lot. You will come to know about interesting and worth visiting places where your buddy has been. Or your friend might warn you not to visit a specific place because it is not as good as it seems to be. So keep your social circle alive as much as you can.

3- When going to a city, country or any place for the very first time and you have no idea about the country, it is strongly recommended to do as much research as you can. Collect information. Contact your friends who have been there. I have seen several people who go to places in off-season. Collect all the mandatory information about the climate, best time to travel, best hotel to stay, best places to visit, famous festivals, when to visit and much more.

4- When you visit a country or city, buy something. Every place in the world has a specialty – I believe. So try to get hands on to that special thing. If it’s something you can buy, buy it. If it’s something you can take a picture of, take a snap. If it’s something you can record, record it. I mean, do anything you can do to collect memories. And yes, do not forget to buy travel gifts for your friends.

An Orientation to Astral Travel


Astral travel is a practice that has been around for centuries totaling thousands of years. Ancient civilizations dating back to Egyptian times, have given record that they practiced forms of astral projection. This was a technique reserved for only ruling bodies and kept hidden away from the general population. Experts in astral travel were thought to be people of mystic who had special abilities and powers that were unique and not possible for others to obtain.

Human Ability

Today, we now understand that many people practice this technique and can reach other astral planes. In fact anyone is capable of astral projection. Studies have shown that we all have the innate ability to astral project and we experience this thousands of times in our sleep. The conscious ability to control this experience while aware of it is what needs to be brought out. As children this ability is still with us and many that have mastered this art have been practicing it from childhood. It is said that as we grow older we forget this ability and must take steps to re-learn it to gain control of it again. Consistent application of techniques, hypnosis and meditation, as well as many tools such as frequency audio, as well as subliminal messaging, can speed up this process as well.


Most accounts of astral projection can be characterized by passing through different states called realms. These different states are often referred to as levels of astral projection. Reaching the astral plane is a common description that references our entering a level where we are not bound by physical properties of time and space. Astral projection experiences, although slightly varied, do have unifying qualities. Relaxation, state of vibration, and a feeling of floating “lifting off” are characteristics associated with most accounts of astral traveling. Other common characteristics include rolling out of oneself, hovering, or seeing oneself from another perspective. This is often referred to as having an out-of- body-experience. The word astral travel, although shares a general meaning with astral projection, more specifically refers to the act of visiting another place. Many travelers have reported leaving there homes and lifting up beyond the earth’s atmosphere beyond space and returning to another distant place where they are looking at an old friend. It should be understood that no harm can come to the physical self while having an out-of-body-experience and usually whenever one gets the notion to go back, they immediately exit and return safely back to their physical self.


Many individuals suffering with disabilities or illness report that during an out-of-body episode these constraints disappear or have no effect on them. On a similar note, astral travelers reported having the ability to walk through walls or doors while in their astral self, not constrained by normal physical limitations. Astral travel is an experience for everyone to enjoy and proven helpful in many emotional aspects of our lives. Information on astral physics is becoming more widely understood and more and more people are trying it for themselves and finding it to be an experience that is exciting and freeing at the same time.

Travel Bargains – How Do You Get The Fantastic Travel Bargains You Often Hear Other People Get?

Once you have decided where you wish to go, there are two main avenues open to you to make your booking:

The first and easiest is to make one booking to include your flight, hotel, car hire, etc. This method is generally preferable if you are short of time. Travel agents can often offer good value, which is obtained from individual firms due to bulk buying.

Another main avenue open to you is to book your travel components individually. There are many specialty online search engines that allow you to find the best values for your needs.

Nevertheless, there are some other possible steps that you can take in order to get a better discount:

1. Book early. Generally, the nearer to the date of travel, the more expensive are the seats on flights. The only exception being if you can travel at a moment’s notice. In that case you can grab a last-minute package when someone cancels late.

Of course you’ll have to register with some travel agencies in order to be notified of last minute cancellations. But if you can’t travel at a moment’s notice, then book early.

2. If you are buying more than one ticket, further discount is possible.

3. Be flexible. Sometimes weekend outward and inwards journeys can be cheaper (less business travelers). Similarly, some flights which leave later at night can be cheaper.

4. If your timetable allows, consider taking indirect an indirect flight. Indirect flights take longer, but can be cheaper than direct flights.

5. If possible, consider traveling other than peak periods. For example, flights during certain periods such as school holidays, Christmas, and Easter are more expensive than other times.

6. All airlines overbook in order to compensate for no shows. Sometimes everyone shows up, in which case there are more passengers than seats! If you are offered, consider taking a later flight because it means further savings in the form of vouchers.

7. Another option may be to travel as ‘stand by’. But this method usually means little or no notice before travel. Furthermore, you may have a long wait ahead until an empty seat becomes available.

8. For some lucky independent travelers, it is possible to fly as a ‘courier’. Some companies will pay for your flight in exchange for delivering important letter and packages. However, do bear in mind that due to specialty firms, ‘courier’ flights are very rare.

9. Buy a suitable travel insurance. In case of illness, accident, loss of property, etc, the insurance premium is money well spent to counter any eventualities.

The more time and effort you apply, the greater your savings are likely to be. In many instances, your savings can be substantial. So much so that you’ll be able to add extra days to your holiday at no extra charge!

Travel Aids to Squeeze Into Your Luggage

The picture that traveling connotes is an image of glamour and adventure. Being able to tread unfamiliar paths, being able to experience breathing and living in an entirely different place with a new kind of culture is a dream come true to some. But prospective travelers should also face facts – not every journey is going to be a pleasure. Sitting in hard seats for long land travel hours, neck strain during plane rides, noisy surroundings, minor injuries, heavy luggage, airport queues are among some of the travel inconveniences you can come across. To be able to remedy those travel hassles here are some good travel aids suggestions which will help the nomadic adventurer.

First to eliminate the neck strain during plane rides, one can bring a neck pillow. Pillows are important travel aids which can help provide comfort during long rides and can provide additional comfort when sleeping in hotels and airports. Next important travel aid to bring is the noise reducing earphones. Hearing music through an MP3 player is sometimes a source of an annoyance rather than a source entertainment as music is garbled by the outside noise during transit or a local hawker eatery. The new technology filters outside sounds to provide a crisper and clearer music.

Although certain travel aids aim to provide customized comfort when traveling, other aids provide safety measures, like a luggage locator. A luggage locator works as a tracker which detects the luggage’s keychain where detection can span to up to 60 feet away. This works well especially in airports where luggage can sometimes be misplaced or lost.

A luggage weight scale is useful in ensuring your luggage is within airline weight restrictions and can save you a fortune in excess luggage charges these days. For your comfort, it is a good idea to have a folding luggage cart. This will save you from having to carry heavy luggage around particularly in places where trolleys are either not supplied or in such high demand from other travelers they are impossible to find. The great thing about a good lightweight folding luggage cart is that it can be taken virtually anyway, used as required and then can also be easily packed away when not needed.

Another ingenious travel aid is the portable inflatable clothes hangers. When deflated these clothes hanger shrinks to a very small size as opposed to wooden or metal hangers that can take so much space. Likewise travel aids are really helpful during emergency situations, like where the gadgets’ power drains and die. A wireless charger can charge such gadgets without the need for electricity!

Apart from gadget charge emergency, there are travel aids that help during medical emergencies. What traveling survival kit can be complete without the travel medical kit? Medical kits provide immediate first aid to cuts, bruises and other minor accidents. Also in the medical kit are medicines and remedies to common travel sicknesses such as diarrhea, allergies and motion sickness.

So remember, when you are preparing to travel, consider packing some of these travel aids because they can make your journeys safer, easier, more comfortable and therefore considerably more enjoyable.