An Orientation to Astral Travel


Astral travel is a practice that has been around for centuries totaling thousands of years. Ancient civilizations dating back to Egyptian times, have given record that they practiced forms of astral projection. This was a technique reserved for only ruling bodies and kept hidden away from the general population. Experts in astral travel were thought to be people of mystic who had special abilities and powers that were unique and not possible for others to obtain.

Human Ability

Today, we now understand that many people practice this technique and can reach other astral planes. In fact anyone is capable of astral projection. Studies have shown that we all have the innate ability to astral project and we experience this thousands of times in our sleep. The conscious ability to control this experience while aware of it is what needs to be brought out. As children this ability is still with us and many that have mastered this art have been practicing it from childhood. It is said that as we grow older we forget this ability and must take steps to re-learn it to gain control of it again. Consistent application of techniques, hypnosis and meditation, as well as many tools such as frequency audio, as well as subliminal messaging, can speed up this process as well.


Most accounts of astral projection can be characterized by passing through different states called realms. These different states are often referred to as levels of astral projection. Reaching the astral plane is a common description that references our entering a level where we are not bound by physical properties of time and space. Astral projection experiences, although slightly varied, do have unifying qualities. Relaxation, state of vibration, and a feeling of floating “lifting off” are characteristics associated with most accounts of astral traveling. Other common characteristics include rolling out of oneself, hovering, or seeing oneself from another perspective. This is often referred to as having an out-of- body-experience. The word astral travel, although shares a general meaning with astral projection, more specifically refers to the act of visiting another place. Many travelers have reported leaving there homes and lifting up beyond the earth’s atmosphere beyond space and returning to another distant place where they are looking at an old friend. It should be understood that no harm can come to the physical self while having an out-of-body-experience and usually whenever one gets the notion to go back, they immediately exit and return safely back to their physical self.


Many individuals suffering with disabilities or illness report that during an out-of-body episode these constraints disappear or have no effect on them. On a similar note, astral travelers reported having the ability to walk through walls or doors while in their astral self, not constrained by normal physical limitations. Astral travel is an experience for everyone to enjoy and proven helpful in many emotional aspects of our lives. Information on astral physics is becoming more widely understood and more and more people are trying it for themselves and finding it to be an experience that is exciting and freeing at the same time.